Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost Summers End

I can feel it already.  We had a few days this past week of very hot and humid, but it's back in the 70's again now. The nights are quite chilly.  This morning it was 52° outside. Brrr.

Even though it is supposed to be back in the 80's by the weekend, I can still feel the autumn, looming, waiting for it's turn. 

All week everything just sort of went by.  Which is good, nothing really bad has happened. At least nothing I'm prepared to flip out over, just yet.  The weekend was fine. As always it was just nice to see everyone.  I have a few pictures I'll put up tomorrow or later today.

Then the rest of the week just was. Did some cleaning. Napped. Watched 'Definitely, Maybe'. Ahhh. Nice. Went to the Buffalo Library. Friday I'll go to the Niagara Falls Library. And grocery shop.

I'm slowly getting ready for the up-coming weekend.  That should definitely shake things up a bit. More on that when I know what's going on.

This week is also the voting for the Hot Blogger Calendar. All my favorite bloggers are there so go vote for two of them.  One each. Make them happy campers.

To vote for the:  GIRLS

To vote for the:  GUYS


And don't forget that tonight is:

Tonight they discuss whether the drinking age is to high.
Click the picture to flying over there!

If they ever drank in Niagara Falls they would be discussing whether it should be higher instead of lower.  Really.

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