Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Weekend Starts Off With A Whimper

I was right. Thursday was one long ass day.  The doctor went very quickly.  In and out in 25 minutes. Yep. 25 minutes. I love that!
Got the script for Coreg. I'll start that on Monday.

Why Monday?
Because it will make the congestive heart failure worse for several days before it gets better.  I'm hoping it'll be about three days, but if it lasts longer or gets really, really bad I'll have to go to the ER. And I don't want to do that on a weekend when all the doctors are out playing golf or getting drunk.
I'll also be taking it at my mom's house so that if by some chance my bronchial tubes close up someone can call 911.
Sounds like a fun med don't you think?
I have been assured though if I can get past the low point I'll feel great after and my heart will be a happier camper.
We shall see.

Blood work went fine.  No calls yet. Fingers-crossed!

Then we went to the grocery store.  It's only a very short walk from the hospital. However it was raining. Hard. With no signs of clearing up.
Mom and I just could not bring ourselves to pay 3.50 for a cab to go two and a half blocks. We walked.
We did have sense enough to bring an umbrella with us. But no matter how hard you try, two people never fit under it. Even when one is as small as I am.

Air conditioning when you are drenched is freezing cold.

Friday I woke up feeling pretty calm. I had a nice dream about a cottage with light sage green walls and a cream colored trim. I lived alone. It was quiet and it carried over to the morning.
I was a bit disappointed when I opened my eyes to reality. But I still felt nice and calm.
Which is probably why when we were out and everyone else was all hyped up in a stress way they looked at me oddly when I said my leg shadow looked like the Charlie Chaplin fork in rolls:


It didn't get much better after that.
Once home I made some rice with baby spinach and sliced cherry tomatoes and garlic herb feta.

It was very tasty!

What joy will tonight bring? I can hardly wait!


  1. Having just gone through 6 months of Chemo therapy I understand your anxiety with the medication. You never know and you should be concerned. I watched one of the ladies have a reaction to her chemo and it's heart wrenching.

    I'll be praying and thinking of you...sometimes I wonder if the treatments are worse then the disease...

    My prayers for you..

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. Thank you.
    Meds don't usually freak me out. But this one is.

    I'm going to start next week instead. My friend's b-day is this weekend, and I do not want to miss it becasue I feel crappy.

    I went almost three months before they gave it to me, I figure another week will be fine.

    Still freaking though:)


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