Monday, July 7, 2008

The Weekend Comes to a Close

Sunday. It was hot all day. Wonderful. It was also a simple end to a long weekend. I did a bit of cleaning and a lot of sleeping. Sleep is good!  Don't let anyone tell you it isn't.

There are a couple of small bits that I want to mention. But not today.  I haven't formed them yet. I will though.

Today. I need to say I don't follow sports. Unless I'm researching to mock someone badly. I can follow football and hockey if I have to. It's Western New York. One really has to know how to do that.  Sports wise I watch the Olympics, winter and summer. And then there is the Tour.

The Tour de France!

During all the holiday mayhem I forgot about the Tour. 
I have watched almost every year since high school.  Yes, I watched before Lance Armstrong.  Since the Miguel Indurain days. Yes. I know who Greg LeMond is.
I rock like that.

After the last few years of questionable behavior, this year looks to be the year of We Got Our Act Together.

You can follow along here: Le Tour

I also completely forgot to remind everyone about the BTR Shows tonight. I was able to hear Karl's show, and am listening to Turnbaby's now. An wonderful show about forgiveness. 
Something we all need and need to give.

However, you can still hear their shows: Karl's Show.
Listen to Sarah of Sad and Beautiful World talk about photography. Really good show!
And Turnbaby's Show. She talked about Forgiveness with her friend Anndi from Where Am I Going From Here.
That was a great show.

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