Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Sign of Things To Come...

I hope not! I have things to do today that don't need to go badly.
I checked my Twitter only to find I only had 1 follower left and I was only following 1 person. I re-added everyone so if you don't see me in recent posts, re-add me.
I did notice I was still showing up in people's list of people though.

Grrr. Twitter. Grrr.

On a happy Neopetters note: Neohomes 2.0 is released to premium users for beta testing. It's sweet!
At the moment it's just one big room, but soon you'll be able to add more rooms and stories to your house.
There's a lot of garden space. I hope it's not just for looking at. We'll know when it's released final.



Inside. The beta gave you a starter pack so I set up house.
Then my pets made themselves at home.


The house in Altador with it's fountain.

If you want to play click the banner below:

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