Friday, July 11, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name


Yesterday Karl was talking about his name and it not having any C's in it.

Which I get. No C's here either. My name is spelled Katharine not Catherine. And yes. It's an A, not an E.
Last name no C's, not even an S's. People just throw a C in for the heck of it. Then ask if I'm sure about that. Let me think. Yep. I'm  sure.
Then today this site was on the World Start Homepage today.
Behind The Name.  It has the history behind names. Coincidence? I think not.

Here's mine:



Gender: Feminine

Usage: English, German

Pronounced: KATH-ə-rin (English), KATH-rin (English), kah-tah-REE-nə (German) [key]

English variant of KATHERINE and German variant of KATHARINA. A famous bearer was American actress Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003).



Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: KATH-ə-rin, KATH-rin   [key]

From the Greek name Αικατερινη (Aikaterine). The etymology is debated: it could derive from the earlier Greek name ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), which came from ‘εκατερος (hekateros) "each of the two"; it could derive from the name of the goddess HECATE; it could be related to Greek αικια (aikia) "torture"; or it could be from a Coptic name meaning "my consecration of your name". In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek καθαρος (katharos) "pure", and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this.

The name was borne a semi-legendary 4th-century saint and martyr from Alexandria who was tortured on a spiked wheel. The saint was initially venerated in Syria, and the name was introduced to Western Europe by returning crusaders. It has been common in England since the 12th century in many different spellings, with Katherine and Catherine becoming standard in the later Middle Ages.

Famous bearers of the name include Catherine of Siena, a 14th-century mystic, and Catherine de' Medici, a 16th-century French queen. It was also borne by three of Henry VIII's wives, including Katherine of Aragon, and by two empresses of Russia, including Catherine the Great.

That is pretty cool ass!


I also want to mention that Miss Britt and Avitable have a new radio show on TalkShoe.


They are on Wednesdays at 9PM EST.

It's a little bit of fun for Hump Day.

The first half is debate and the second half is for the callers.  The show is highly entertaining, so go and listen to the first show.

And then after that go over and take a listen to Jesters Show. His run long, but are very entertaining.  So have a drink with you. Go pee first. Then settle in.


  1. Yeah, I knew that Karl was a derivative of Charles, which means "man" or "army." I rock.

  2. The name for a king. Of course :)


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