Monday, July 7, 2008

Holiday Weekend Wrap-up

It's been one hell of a long weekend. Though the days were mellow the nights kicked ass.
Friday night, July Fourth, was insane. The traffic was massive. Roads were blocked off, literally blocking me in my house. T and J couldn't get close enough to pick me up , so I walked over a block to met them.  Crazy.
Most of the people had been drinking since early that day, not me. but it was a great night of fun and dancing.

Saturday I was up early. Mom and I headed over to the Main Street Fest. It was okay. We were there early, but I'm sure it picked up considerably later.
They had a petting zoo. The animals were rescue animals. Saved from the bad lives that they were living.

I loved that. I will say the animals may have been recently rescued. Some had ointment on them and were looking a little rough. Hopefully they are on their way to being better and healthy.

Goats and a Llama.



Then we checked out the European Barn Owl and the Golden Eagle.

They were both very pretty.  The eagle was huge.  It weights 14lbs.



European Barn Owl.


Golden eagle and his handler.

On the way home snapped pictures of lavender.



It smelled awesome!

Then it was home for a nap and then out again.
traffic was the same nightmare as Friday.  It was a slow night, but fun.  Ang and B came out.  


T and A get frisky.

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