Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ho Hum

Karl informed us several days ago, okay maybe a week ago, that July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.
It was rather funny because I was having text issues that day.
I need to state right off the bat that:
1. It was unintentional. I know it was.
2. It didn't work out they way they hoped.
3. They were, I believe trying not to hurt my feeling.

Ah the best laid plans.

I wasn't even bothered by it on that night. Perhaps I was to occupied by the fifth wheel thing. That can do it. (Though as G says he was with me spirit. Does he think he's a ghost? I have no idea. It's not at all helpful though.)

The next day it slipped into my mind and I felt a bit sad. A bit hurt.
Friends texting each other when they are on either side of me. It's rude. Just say it. You are a foot away from each other.
But because I don't have a cell phone ( I'll go into that in my 100 Things list. I'm working on it.) I rather start feeling invisible.

I drew a little stick figure cartoon. It's not very good, but you get the idea.

Click to make it big enough to read.


I actually thought of not even posting about this. But I realized I wouldn't be able to move on to post something else until I did post this.
Does that make any sense?

And no I won't mention it this weekend. I'll be over it now that it's out of me. And, as I said, I know it wasn't intentional.

Tomorrow I'll post something happy. Really.
Especially since last night was Britt's and Avitable's first Radio show over on TalkShoe. It rocked.


  1. That IS rude. I wouldn't be able to sit on that. I'd have to say something to my friends. Like, "Put your EFFING CELL PHONES AWAY and TALK!"

  2. People don't even think of how those around them may feel when they are constantly texting while your talking...

    I don't think there is much hope for change either..

    thanks for stopping by my site grammology. I live in Amherst New York 15 minutes from the falls//

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to hug gram

  3. Karl:
    I know I should. I don't think they even realize it's rude. I know I'll say something eventually and they will look at me like I walked in naked. Horrified and confused.

    Did you see run jen run's post? it's fabulous!

    Thank you for stopping by! I was so happy to find a couple of local bloggers finally :)
    I agree. As long as they have phones they will text.


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