Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The High, The Medium And The Low

Several days of stuff to tell. First off Friday I decided to stay in and chill out.  Which was good. I needed to rest up for Saturday.
Here's a quick summery of the last few days:

The High: Saturday

  • Went out early with A and T to A's family hangout My Place.  Got to see A's mom, who is fabulous!
  • Headed over to Uncs, though slow allowed everyone the chance to talk.
  • There was very little texting, which allowed everyone the chance to talk.
  • Had snacks of doughnuts and chips. Yummy!
  • Headed over to KoldOnes to say hi and have a quick drink. Then a took her leave. She had a long ass day and needed sleep.
  • Waltzed over to Bragg's and had several drinks. Watched folks do the Electric Slide.
  • Back to Uncs, chilled on the patio, heard shots fired from the club down the street. No. We don't go there.  Saw for the first time people actually, literally scurry in all directions.
  • Chatted with The Saturday Night Tourist about the excitement only to have them look over my head and ask T and J to do shots with him. Completely ignoring me. He did pose for a picture though. Which may not have been his smartest move.
  • Time for home.  Strange man in the driveway. T and J wait until I am fully inside before going. Thank God!
  • Put on jammies, grab some pasta salad and then fall asleep watching a Shirley Temple movie.

Great ass night! Hands down! It had everything! Joy, fear, shock, disgust, more joy!  It will be hard to top that night anytime soon.

The Medium: Sunday

  • This was mellow day.
  • Got lots of sleep.
  • G bought food so I didn't have to cook.
  • Did some Neopets catching up.
  • Slept some more.
  • Had pudding.
  • More Neopets.
  • Listened to Karl and Turnbaby's shows.
  • Tripped over G's size 12 shoes.
  • TV.
  • Bed.

All in all not a bad day.

The Low: Monday

  • Mom calls at 8:30AM to make sure I'm up.
  • Then we take her cat to the vet.  Buster has a bit of a skin allergy going on. And needs a shot. We decide to keep the day going by going to the library and grocery store.
  • Drop cat off, head out to the library.
  • Ankle is starting to throb. Damn those size 12 shoes.
  • Walk to the grocery store, actually hobble to the store.
  • Get food, go home.
  • Ankle is swollen. We agree I probably pulled something when I tripped.
  • Lay on couch with foot up for rest of the evening. Swelling goes down a bit.
  • Make dinner.
  • Back to couch.
  • Rarer.
  • Prop foot up on bookcase so I can play some Neopets.
  • Get to Rank 9 on Altador Cup. Yay!
  • Watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Act 1. That was the good part of the day :)
  • Bed.
  • Can't sleep. It's chilly, but humid. Turn fan on. Freeze.
  • Grrrr.
  • Finally sleep.

I really hope that's the bad day for the week. I really really do.


The Electric Slide.  Yep. It's still here.


T and J. Awww.

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