Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 2

Ahhhh... it rained. And it actually helped instead of making it worse. There's a nice cool breeze coming in the windows and the temperature is a sweet chilly 68°. I'm sleeping tonight!
Coming Up:
Which will be good. Busy day tomorrow, Dr. N, the cardiologist, is in the morning.
We will be talking about meds for the old heart. Most likely Coreg®. I'm a bit worried about side effects. The two big ones being the bronchial spasms and edema.
My lungs aren't bad, but in weather like we've had I do get mild asthma like symptoms. So anything closing up in the bronchial area worries me.
And the other one. I retain water when it's humid out, so anything with that as a side effect is what I will have. There's no doubt about it.
Doc and I will have a chat about all of that. He's really nice and answers all questions. And he listens to the questions first!

After all that fun it'll be blood-work, then off to the grocery store and pharmacy. A long day it will be indeed.

Neopetter News:
Well the Altador Cup has ended and my team came in 10th. A sad display to say the least. We weren't last so that's something I guess. For myself I managed to get to Rank 11. Much better than last years Rank 9. I'm proud.
And I can't wait for the new NeoHomes 2.0. to come out! I'll have to do screenies when it does :)
Here's my Rank 11 Shield :)

(Just click the picture)
Tonight they will be discussing abortion. This should be very lively! It starts in about an hour, 9:00Pm EST.
At midnight you can catch Jesters Show.

And finally a belated Congratulations to Turnbaby for her 100th show on Turnbaby Talks and her 500th blog post!
I was listening, I just felt to crappy to post. I'm so sorry!
It was a great show and you can hear it if you missed it on Turnbaby Talks. And no I won't say who the quest was. You'll just have to go listen.

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