Monday, July 28, 2008

And the Weekend Ends With A...

drunk girl vomiting on the curb.
And no! It was NOT me. Thank you.

Oh Saturday, Saturday. T and G were having a small tiff. And T's cousin, B, broke up with her man earlier in the day. I was still feeling yucky from the night before.
What were we to do?
Go out of course!

We walked in, sat down and T and G and B ordered up the Goldenshluger. I'm sorry. I need a drink in me before shots.
They downed those, had a drink, did several more. I could tell it would be one of those nights.
I wouldn't be wrong.
Though actually the bad didn't last to long. It was over quickly and everyone was okay again.


See? Things started getting rowdy.


More rowdy.

Then it happened. I was almost out the door. So very very close.
Snagged by my Political Adversary, Ch.
I have a vague memory of him saying he liked people who proclaimed to be an A*H. Yet completely ignored the whole, they are still an A*H. Just because you admit it doesn't make you a good guy. It just makes you an even bigger A*H because you know better, you just don't care.
Then he yelled out McCain several times. Then talked about being on money.


This man alone gives Republican voters a bad name.


At some point he announced his face would be on money.
And this is the profile he wants used.


Ch's friend, Mr. Undecided.


Mr. S, who warned me that my PA was inside.


Then it was back to Uncs and looky who stopped in!
Two cuties for the price of one!

Soon it was time to go. We headed towards the car, but B had to drunk call her man.
Then she was sick over the railing.

She made it into the car and to my house.
That's as far as she got for while.
She wanted her man to come and get her. Even though they broke up earlier.
She finally stopped vomiting, and he did indeed come and get her.

I then went inside had some cereal and chipped a tooth. Damn Grapenuts.
I now have a very shape point that is stabbing my tongue about every 30 seconds.

And people say NF is boring.

Silly people.


  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend, aside from the chipped tooth, I mean.

  2. Oh yes. We party like rock stars around these parts ;)
    And joy the tooth broke down a little. So it's not stabbing me as much anymore. Yay!


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