Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah Yes...The Band

Rockstar - Nickelback

When I go to see a band play I expect certain things to happen. When they say 10:00 it really means about 10:30, 10:45. I expect them to have a bit of diva going on. I know to get there about half an hour before the time they are supposed to start, if I want to sit at the bar and not have to wade through a group of people. I know I'll hear NIN, Nickelback and a slew of other tunes I already know. These things come as no surprise to me when they happen.

I was close to the mark on all points. Though I was wrong on one. I was unaware that when they said 10:00, they meant that that would be the time the band actually set foot across the threshold. Yes we were there at 9:40. Okay... they were running a bit late. They'll step it up and start as soon as they can.

At 11:45.

Diva much?

But by gum, we were going to hear something! The cover was cheap, that wasn't the point. The point was we paid it and I wanted to get my two dollars and two hours wait worth.

Finally they start up. Hmmm. I know this song. Can't remember who sang it though. Lalalala. Next song. Oh yep. Nickelback. I like them. Lalalala. Another cover?
Now I have no real problem with cover bands. Honest. I just don't see the need to import them from Buffalo, when one only has to turn around and bump head first into about four right here.

Time to head out. We shall return. Oh yes. We shall.

Uncs: See T, go on patio have drink. Time to bounce.

Bragg's: Way to early. Say howdy to Chucky. Dear heavens! We have to go back so soon? Yep.

Back to the band: Actually this time it was better, we hung outside and talked to everyone. Saw several people I hadn't seen in awhile. Ended up on the bands mailing list. Don't ask.

Now for the record, we weren't there the whole time. We didn't hear all of the sets. When I asked people who wandered into Uncs if they were still doing covers I was told yes. Could they have put some originals into the mix when I wasn't looking? Most definitely.

I have been informed they will be back sometime. Will I give them one more shot? Probably. Will I get there before midnight? Hell no!

Do I have pictures? Silly! Of course!


Poor K. I snapped her mid-sentence.


The band looking all rock-n-rolly.


Lead singer, he was bouncy all over the place,


with his portable mic.


Band while singer was off being bouncy.


Together again.


D wanted to be on the blog. So here is J and D!
I have no idea. Sometimes one doesn't ask.


J proclaims it, so shall it be.


Minty fresh Peanut. Was so done with the band. And my camera flash.


The one we support and do this for.

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