Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Reminders, Err...

Wait. That's not right. More 1oo Things and several reminders.
That's better.

100 Things: The Next Ten

21. I have a firm belief that bad things happen in the woods and in the water. If they didn't they wouldn't make so many horror movies in those settings. Needless to say I don't go camping.

22. I love reading plays. I enjoy seeing them performed, but I really love reading them. It puts your imagination to work.

23. I rarely cry at sad things in public. I need to be alone for a good sad cry. But give me a happy ending or very good news, I'll be crying everywhere.

24. I prefer MySpace to Facebook. I like being able to make my page look like my page. I like being able to actually find people. How do you find anyone on Facebook? What if you only know their first name? Nightmare.

25. I'm allergic to sunscreen. No. It's not the PABA, or fragrance, or dyes. The worst reaction was with a kid's safe PABA free, dye free, fragrance free, everything free sunscreen. I had hives on my ears! If someone has lotion or chap-stick with sunscreen in it on them and touchs me. I get hives. It's very inconvenient.

26. I dislike IMing. I will if the person is far away. But when my friends IM it annoys me. Just give me a call. I rather hear your voice than type anytime.

27. I am a complete night owl. I can not get going until the afternoon. Even if I'm awake and doing something in the morning. I feel sluggish. I was even born in the afternoon. 1:24 PM.

28. I can not stand to have my picture taken. They always look awful. And no. I'm not being hard on myself. It's just a fact. I'm cuter in person.

29. I love the Tour de France. I have been watching since high school. I used to ride my bike everywhere. Miles and miles. It was the best feeling in the world.

30. I love the Olympics. I watch the gymnastics and swimming in the summer and the skating, luge and skiing in the winter. I have no athletic abilities so it just intrigues me to no end.


Tonight's the second episode of Clearly, You're Retarded.
9:00 PM EST, on TalkShoe.


They will be talking about Being Open vs. Being Guarded on blogs and in real life. I know I'm more the guarded type, though I am trying to be more open. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to do the 100 Things. This will definitely be an interesting show.

After that Jesters Show will be on at 12:00 AM EST.

Friday night at KoldOnes KoldOnes
518 3rd Street
10:00 PM
$2.00 Cover


Stemm has a number of shows coming up. Just head over to the

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