Saturday, July 12, 2008

100 About Me

I occurred to me that as a fairly new blogger, people may wonder a little bit about who am I. Or maybe they don't. Oh well here it is anyway. Hahaha!

The first 20 of a hundred...


1. I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) at 61/2     years old.           

2. I was on every type of dialysis they have. The last round was hemo-dialysis for 20 years. Yes. Years. Not weeks or months.

3.  Had a transplant five years ago. Kidney is okay. Now if we can get the heart to fall into step, I'll be great.

4. My birthday is October 25. I fall right on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. I am the best of both. And a bit of the worst of both.

5. Despite my Scorpio part, I have to be pushed very far before I loss my temper.  I'm pretty laid back.

6. Not that I don't have a temper. I do. It just takes a long while to get it out. But when it's there, it's not pretty. The whole proper ways not to fight, no name calling bit. Gone. There's the yelling first (which I hate doing) then if they keep pushing a full water bottle may sail very close to the victim's head. I'm not proud of it. Thank goodness it doesn't happen often. The last time was about three years ago. 

7. I hate yelling:  I don't like yelling, I don't like hearing people yell. It hurts my ears and gives me a headache. My mom told me that when I was about 5, we were at someone's house and they started screaming and yelling at each other. At which point I ran outside crying. Perhaps that started it. Perhaps it's always been, even then.

8. The same goes for high pitched sounds or loud banging of doors. It physically makes me cringe.

9. Though some people, even friends think I drink and party all the time, I'm actually very quiet at home. I don't drink at house, the TV is not blaring, even though it's always on. Music is not heard for half a block. Unless it's G doing it.  G tends to be a bit loud. He's just a loud person. In speech, in action. Always making noise. So the quiet is a blissful luxury when I get it.

10. I enjoy living in a city. Yeah. I know the quiet thing.  But I like knowing there are people around, neighbors, family, the police. It's comforting.

11. I am a benefit of the doubt kind of person. I like facts before jumping to conclusions. I believe that's from all the hospital and doctor stuff. No point in freaking out until you what's going on. Come to think of it most of my life coping skills and habits stem from the hospital and doctor stuff.

12. I have insane patience. I can wait for long periods of time without stomping around. 

13. I won't walk around barefoot. Inside, outside, my house, my friends houses. Nope. I have to have socks, shoes or slippers on. The grass between my toes creeps me out. Have no idea why.

14. I am hopelessly addicted to Neopets. I love the games, the clothes, the events. I love collecting for my gallery. I love being able to make my own lookup. I love it all.

15. I do not own a cell phone.  I don't have kids, so there is no reason for me to spend a huge amount of money just to have someone track me down at the grocery store to ask "Whatcha doin' ?" I have an answering machine. That's what they are for. I will call when I get home.

16. I forget to eat. I don't eat when I get up, so at noon I'll think I should make some lunch. Then the next thing I know, it's time for dinner and I feel like crap.

17. I prefer cats over dogs. It's not that I don't like dogs, it's the taking them out part. They still have to go out even when it's 5 degrees outside during a winter storm.

18. I do however love dog shows. Not on TV, in person. I went to a couple when they were being held downtown. There's nothing quite like seeing a herd of something. A herd of Rottweilers, a herd of great Danes, a herd of Poodles, and my absolute favorite a herd of Dachshunds!

19.  I can't sleep the night before doctors appointments.  It's not the worrying about 'what if something's wrong' that keeps me up, it's the 'if I fall asleep I'll wake up at 10:00 and miss the appointment and the doctor will yell at me and I don't want to listen to that today'  that keeps me awake.

20. I enjoy old radio shows.  There's just something about listening to a show and seeing in your own imagination rather than a director or a studio producers.


And ending with that I want to remind everyone that tomorrow is Karl and Turnbaby on BTR.

Karl will be talking to Carly Milne , author of Sexography.
That should keep everyone happy. Check out Karl's Show at 5PM EST.

Turnbaby will be talking about what a girl wants with a special guest. 
Check out Turnbaby's Show at 8PM EST.


  1. What a great way to get to know someone. Thanks for sharing the time and giving us a window to your world.

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to hug your gram

  2. Thank you so much for keep coming by :)
    And thank you for the comment.
    I have to say 100 is going to be tough.
    By number 94 I'll have to start thinking about condiment preferences. LOL!


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