Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Radioactive Me

Yesterday was the big MUGA Scan. All went fine.  I was quite nervous about the whole needle deal, but the nurses were great and it didn't even hurt.

I had to have two injections for the test. Each 30 minutes apart. I didn't ask about taking a picture. It seemed rather inappropriate. 
The first one looked just like a regular shot. But the second one was in it's lined metal mini lunchbox box. They open it and there's the syringe. Very mysterious looking. After they injected me, I was presented with a little card. I have to show it if I leave the country. Not that I am. I'm not. But for the next five days I have to keep it with me, just in case. Freaky.
It's hard not to have visions of Silkwood run through your head during this part.

Then on to the picture portion. It took about 15 minutes. I was actually feeling comfy.  They said the scanner would be very close to my body, but it wasn't really that bad.
I've had scans were the scanner was almost touching my ear, because I had to turn my head so it would get closer.

That's close.

I have a follow-up with the doc in July, where we'll discuss what it showed.

After that I deserved M&Ms. Yay for chocolate.

Other Bits:

Today I registered at BlogTalkRadio. After listening for several weeks, I will no longer be Guest 922 or Guest 959.

My Maraqua team is not doing well in the Altador Cup.  This will not be their year.

Finally finished 'Sundays with Vlad' by Paul Bibeau. I really enjoyed it!
Next up: don't know. I know what I should read, but I have a couple more books from the library, that I got yesterday. I may hit those first.

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