Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot, Humid and Summery

I only have an hour, so this may end up as part one. We will see. Friday was gorgous out! Sunny and hot, humid! I love it! I'm so tired of the cold I can not express it it words. I sat outside for about two hours. Ahhh...the joy! Grabbed a picture:

Then I was feeling so good I decided it was the perfect night to go visit the folks at Uncs.
I made up my mind to surprise everyone. To my surprise it was actually a bit slow out. Not nearly as many people out as I thought there would be. And no T! I was starting to think it was a bad idea, until I saw an arm reach over the bar. I know that tattoo i thought to myself. And it was all okay. T had arrived. With her new beau! J seemed very nice, a little quiet, but nice. It's about time. She really does deserve it.
M and J were out. Chatted them up for a bit and then on to Braggs.

Grrr. It's not my favorite place to go. Being only 4 foot and a handful of change tall. Elbows are dangerous. As well as purses and big huge drunk guys fighting. I have to be really trashed to enjoy it. And I wasn't. And I didn't.

We headed back to Uncs again, but it was getting late and we were all just about ready to go, so it worked out okay. I REALLY have to go to j's place, KoldOnes, I haven't stopped in there in ages. Maybe for dart night. I'll see what jess is up to.

Just a couple of pictures:

J and T: Awwwww.

Dave and TC.

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