Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graduation Day

On Tuesday Peanut and Jm left for Missouri.  They are going to see their son who graduates boot-camp.  Today.

There are four of them in a car for 20 hours.  I haven't heard yet if all four made it.   I keep thinking "Four men enter, one man leaves".
And how will his mom explain the others being gone when she steps out of the car?
"They all had to pee and the mighty Mississippi washed them away.  We looked and looked but ... ."

On our fridge there is a progression of SB from small boy to the man he is now.  It's very odd and pride filling to see this difference.  The teenager who lived through the "Jackass" period (not him being one, the MTV show) to this adult with clear goals for his future.

It's amazing.  Also frightening.  Not just for G and me, but mostly for his family.  For all of us really.

He leaves for more specific training either right after or next week.  He'll train for 46 weeks in his field.  And then who knows what.

Whatever happens, wherever he ends up we are all very proud of him.  We wish all the best in everything he does and he will be in our thoughts and our prayers.

Congratulations, hugs and kisses SB!


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