Sunday, June 29, 2008

Computer War

Oh it's on! Sometime yesterday I went and tried to organize my music.  Now I like the Windows Media Player. I have iTunes, but it really drags my system down. The WMP is just right for me and my system. At least it used to be. It took forever to get the library up. I found many repeated songs, so I found a duplicate music file finder and all went well.
The duplicates were sent to the Bin.
Unfortunately my space was very low.  Had to empty the Bin.

The space never came back. Grrrr.

Five gigs. Where the fuck is it? Have no idea.

The computer was winning.

Found Revo Uninstaller. Cleaned up the deleted files. Got back three gigs.
Plus cleaned a number of other bits. That helped a tiny bit. Those I do regularly, so there wasn't much there.
Did a defrag.
It needed that badly! I don't usually let it go that long, but ouch.
Three sweeps to clean the mess up.

It's been two days now. I'm weary. I hate all of the maintenance stuff and the odd WTF bits.
I had a fun 80's post, but instead I needed to do Computer War. We'll do 80's tomorrow.

I think the Computer and I have reached a stalemate.   Just for the time being.

I think I'll stick with JetAudio for now.


  1. Oh GOD, I feel for you. The last time I used Revo Uninstaller for something, I totally mucked it all up!

  2. Thank you :) I was nervous using it. It was like clicking on eggshells.

  3. Thanks for sitting on The Couch...

    I spent time organizing my iTunes this weekend...found duplicates I had not found before...I am a MAC I can not relate to the problems you are having.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)
    Sadly, and don't tell, I've never used a MAC. Though I might sell my man, cats and maybe my mother for their new notebook :)

  5. I have heard mac is easier to organize then windows.

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