Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ahh The Pretty Colors

By Monday my restlessness had settled down a bit. I laid on the couch with my little fatboy ( my cat), and just chilled out with the TV. The night was still and rather peaceful, and I could hear the roar of the Falls through the window. In the summer, when it's very still and not humid at all you can hear them throughout the whole city. It's quite cool.
Earlier in the day I went outside and took a few pictures of the flowers before they are taken out by heavy rain or wind. I only liked the one flowering shrub/bush picture, though I did manage to grab the birds overhead. I didn't think I had got it, but tada...

Today mom and I headed over to the library, for a change we decided to return our books on time! It was nice and quiet there, the computers were down, so hardly anyone was hanging about. I picked up three new books . 'Sundays with Vlad' by Paul Bibeau, which I'm reading first. It's quite funny, definitely enjoying this one. After that I have 'The Year of Living Biblically' by A.J. Jacobs, which I heard about, I believe on Hilly's radio show. And then it's on to 'The Horrific Sufferings of The Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot' by Carl-Johan Vallgren. Whew!
While waiting for the cab, I grabbed some more flower pictures. These are outside the library, at the back entrance. I love all the colors! They were very cheerful.

There is health stuff, but I have one more doctor this week, so I'll post all that fun later. For now enjoy the pretty colors!

Oh and it's finally going to be nice and hot outside! About time!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Always happy when someone thinks the book's funny.


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