Monday, June 30, 2008

The 80's With A Side Order of Bacon

Ahhhh.... the 80's!

The music, the clothes, the movies, Kevin Bacon. What is not to love?

Over at Valtool's Box, he's having a contest about 80's memories. It may be done now, I'll have to check, but he does mention stickers. The scratch-n-sniff ones to be exact.

Well that brought back some memories. My sister and I used to collect stickers and pencils.

We were all over the Lisa Frank. Her work was bright and shiny. That was good for us!

When there was a mall close by, it had a little store. It was tiny and cramped and wonderful! It was bright and colorful and filled from floor to ceiling with stickers, pencils, erasures, all sorts of stuff. Glaring glitter, metallic and mylar stuff.

A shiny little heaven.

We loved that store.

Can I remember the name of the store? Of course not. It may have been Stickers and Things, or some variation of that. It wasn't the name that mattered anyway. It was the goodies inside. And we went almost everyday to check out the those goodies.

Sadly the store as well as most of the stickers are gone. Many of the pencils also.

For some reason, that I'm sure made complete sense at the time, I put some stickers on paper. Some of the pages I found. Some of the pencils made it also:






Multi-colored tips :)


Hello Kitty!


These are my favorites. Scented! And they are square shaped. There's also a star and heart shaped in there. Though not scented.

And Kevin!

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