Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where Oh Where Has My...Good Mood Gone?

Tuesday came and went with no word. Wednesday the doctor called to let me know that one of the labs that they did was high. It was the BNP. A hormone made by the heart that is usually about 100 or less. Mine was a wee bit higher than that. 1600. The ticker seems to be working a little harder than normal and Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't even near by. I have been told to keep taking the water pill and if the breathing gets worse call them.
I did start feeling better Friday, even though I wasn't doing anything that wasn't being done for the last week. Go figure. I get to see everybody, doc-wise this week.

Today I was feeling a bit better than yesterday. And part of me just wants to do everything all at once while it lasts. I know from past events though that this actually slows things from getting better. So, I'm being good. Staying in and resting. Not over-exerting myself. Staying away from salty foods. Which is like telling Dave2 to stay away from chocolate pudding.

But, I really want to go out! I want to SEE people and hear about insane gossip! I want a fraking drink damn it! I am sick of looking at my own space, G, the cats. I'm starting to get that trapped winter feeling. That is not good.

And to top it off NeoPets didn't even start the Altador Cup yet to keep me busy. Not a happy camper. No sir, not happy at all.

Maybe I'll go sulk on the couch. Or perhaps I'll try to figure out this whole Feedburner thing. I can be grumpy and driven insane all at once.

That could be fun.



  2. I hope you never know the sorrow. I heard the Pringles call out as I slipped pass them. Perhaps one day we can be together again.
    But I can still have chocolate pudding :)


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