Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Weekend

Most of the weekend is just blah stuff. Still cold, still damp. I don't think it'll ever be warm again. More time to watch movies though. Which I will post later today about.

Didn't go out this past weekend, due to an over slept nap. I honestly did not feel that tired. I must have been wrong. Woke up at 1:30am and was pissed off at myself. I wanted to be out so badly.

My chest is being achy, for about two days now. It was just a tiny twinge last week. So I decided to get a chest x-ray.
It said everything was clear, but I've had that said before only to end up with pneumonia two days later. I have to see the doctor on Friday, we'll see what she says. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll only be bronchitis. Oh fingers crossed!

Friend TL came by yesterday for a visit. She has health issues also. Different ones, but we were able to do a nice little medical bitch session. Sometimes you just need that.

And miracle of miracles, I had just finished cleaning! The house was clean when company came!

Damn...I may have used up my good luck on that.

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