Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Roundup: April

I’ve decided to do a Netflix monthly roundup, mostly because nothing else has been going on.
I’m not going to go into descriptions and all that. It’s just going to be the title and how I liked it. If you want to know more about any of the movies you can search at IMDB or Netflix to check them out.

Movie Roundup: April

  • The Good Night: Odd and funny. I enjoyed it. Penelope Cruz has one of the best lines. Said while hailing a cab. Simon Pegg is fabulous. Very different from his Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead characters.

  • Lars and the Real Girl: I was a bit nervous, not knowing if it was going to end up just being pervy. But it wasn’t. It was sweet and charming. I love how the town and his family react to his "girlfriend".

  • Atonement: Keria Knightley not dressed as a pirate. For a change. And she was wonderful in this. It’s a bit slow, but in a lingering sort of way. Every scene is beautiful to look at. James McAvoy isn’t so bad to look at either.

  • The Golden Compass: The minute I saw the ad for this I wanted to see it. I even received the books for Christmas. Good thing too. While watching this I imaged they filmed the movie then edited it down to a Cliff-Notes version. There would be a scene and I would think "Why is she doing that? " Then I remember, I read the book, I know why. This should have been done as a Sci-Fi channel big miniseries. The best parts are the armored bears and the flying witches.

  • Southland Tales: I was psyched to see this! Everyone and their agent is in it. Then the sad truth. It was far to long, with far to many characters, and a heavy-handed approach that would make a brick upside the head seem like a cotton ball. When The Rock and Gellar’s characters are reading a script complete with the overly bad acting, it was only a fine line from what they had been doing for the last hour. Though I don’t care for Mr. Timberlake, his singing scene was the best part.

  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: I like everyone in it. I like Tim Burton. It was a tad long, but it is a musical after all. It was okay. Dark and darker, very Burton. Not my absolute favorite Tim Burton movie, but not my least favorite either.

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