Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday Not So Fun

There is no Friday Feast this week, as the chef is on vacation. I was rather looking forward to it.

Instead I spent my Friday having doctor fun. Crackles in both lungs and stomach aches, lead to a chest x-ray. Which I might be able to find out about on Tuesday. I hope. Will it be walking pneumonia? Bronchitis? Stomach infection wreaking the system? Alien spawn growing bigger? I can only wait and see.

After all that fun, it was on to the grocery store. Where I bought tons of junk food. Why? I don't even eat that much junk. Yet there it is... perhaps the whole holiday party, party, party illusion was working on me. It wouldn't be the first time.
I managed to get home at about 6:15 PM. It was definitely one long ass day.

But on the bright side, and I do mean bright side, it looks like the weather may have taken a turn for the warmer! Friday was sunny and in the 60's, today was just as nice. Tomorrow it will be even better.
Also, liver levels are back to normal, so I can have a drink again! Shame I can't breathe. Maybe next weekend I can do both!

Tonight at 10:00 PM, I'll be heading outside to see if I can snap a picture of the International Space Station going overhead. It will probably just be a light, but hey, it sounds pretty neat anyway.

Here's a pretty picture from last summer. It's one of my favorites.

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