Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Few Pictures

I only snagged a couple of pics since I wasn't sure how much space was left on my card.

The first set is at Uncs, a week ago, where I haven't been since March! I was especially good and did not drink at all! I know! It was awesome to see everyone! And I'm annoyed that I'm sick this week and couldn't go.

T looking bored silly. Hehehe.

Jake gets some attention from Unc.

Just an inside decor shot.

Next mom and I went to the Niagara Falls Aquarium. We went ahead and got our membership for the year. It's the first year we are doing a membership and the first time in ages since we've been there. Though I did go with G a few years ago, I had forgotten what they have.

I also forgot to ask about pictures. So I only sneaked a couple when I saw many people taking some. All the pics are a bit blurry, so bare with me.
I'll ask when we go again.

The Sea lion. I definitely enjoyed that part. They
showed the incredible roar that sounds like a lion.
That's why they are called sea lions. As we found out.

The Piranha. He insisted on moving.

An finally the eyeless fish, which I think is called the
Amblyopsis rosae. It is so neat looking!

Then the next day we were off to the Buffalo library.
They have beautiful flowers out front. I took a couple.


I'll try to take more pictures of something soon.

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