Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well it seems I may have worn myself down with all the running around getting errands and doctors done.
I now have a cold. Blah.

I have managed to get my Neopet lookup coded (very basic) and ready for their Altador Cup Event. Which I will post about when it starts for those that care.

I did get a lot done last week though and have some pictures that I will put up within the next day or two.

Until then, I have another MySpace survey stolen from Ernie.

This one was a while back, but I missed it. It has fun questions. Not the same old same old. Enjoy and steal.

1. You wake up in a hotel room, with a dead whore who's been stabbed. What do you do?
First things first, I look for any post-it notes that I may have left that hold clues to follow, then I look for weird needle marks that weren't there before, and if none of these are found I call J and go on the lam until I have cleared my name and found the real killer all in two days time. Duh.

2. Your dream job?
Writer and/or photographer.

3.Food you are craving right now?
I just ate a little bit ago, so I'm not really craving anything. Maybe a grilled cheese.

4. Drug of choice?

5. Knotted rope, riding crop or wooden paddle (If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand)?
On me, none. In my hands, a riding crop holds potential.

6. Preferred method of execution?
Something quick for me, and for my mortal enemies, something slow involving honey and fire ants perhaps.

7. Fictional world you would like to live in?
It's a toss between Narnia and Bloom County.

8. Fictional world you would hate to live in?
Middle Earth. Hands down. All those meal times. I'd need a bigger tree after a week. And really how many times could I listen to the trip to the volcano. I'd have to stab someone in the eye with a twig every time I heard "My Precious".

9. Fictional character you most identify with?

10. Favorite US president?
I'm a sucker for Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

11. Least favorite US president?
Our current offender.

12. Favorite season?
Autumn. Apples, crisp cool sweater weather. Halloween. Oh yeah.

13. Favorite Zombie movie?
Sean of the Dead! Simon Pegg is sweet!

14. Favorite B movie?
There are many that I love, but my favorite has to be The Raven - 1963. One of several based on Edgar Allan Poe works. Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff.

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