Friday, April 18, 2008

Part Three: For The Love Of Gravy Now What

Home. Two days. I'm gasping on the couch. Oh yeah. Back to the ER.

Welcome back my old friend phenomena. How I didn't miss you. You couldn't just send a postcard?

A week up at Niagara Falls Memorial. Hospital Tour 2008 is becoming a bit of a drag now. I bought the tee shirt, jacket, went on all the rides. I'm good.

But no. More antibiotics. No central line this time so I get stuck needles more times than I can count. I am still huge with fluid, which is what keeps the phenomena going. The fluid having found no other home has taken up residence in the lungs. All the prime real estate is being used.

Mom comes up during the day to visit. And we find we are watching The Food Network. A lot.

Mom's visits start to happen around Drive Ins, Diners and Dives or Guy's Big Bite. He has become a new favorite. Alton you are still our favorite also.

This actually started in Rochester. Mom stayed almost the whole time, sleeping in very uncomfortable chairs.
There weren't very many channels, so we just turned on the Food Network. There blossomed the love of Guy.

G comes up in the evening after dinner. Very nice.

Finally after six days, home again. Yay!

I've been home eight days now and I feel much much better! I've taken off about half of the fluid and can bend my arms again. Hurray! By next week I should be back to my regular weight. I will be so happy.

Monday will be more blood work and a visit with Dr. V Who is great! Love her! Tomorrow I will make appointments with all my other Dr.s So we can make sure everything is still going along well.

After that...we deal with The Tooth of Doom properly. Muhahaha!

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