Thursday, April 17, 2008

Part One: How Not To Treat A Tooth Of Doom

It was the end of March. A Thursday. There was still snow from the storm earlier. And my arch nemesis had returned. He didn't return just to annoy though. This time he came bringing the pain. Long dull throbs sprinkled with sharp stabbings that rocked me to by bone.

The abscessed tooth would not be ignored this time.

I would be be forced to go to the underbelly of our city. To visit the people I try so hard to avoid. The Dentist.

It wouldn't help. My enemy was to deep. He was under my skin and it was going to take a miracle to remove him.

The rest of my head was numb to the world, the tooth found no comfort. It remained a dull throbbing. But I was lulled into a false sense of minimal comfort. I foolishly thought I'd be okay till Monday. It was after all a holiday weekend.
Then I started to regain feeling.

Yes. I could drink without dribbling on myself. The joy was short lived. The throbbing was replaced with stabbing. My jaw was on fire. I took some Tylenol. No good. I took some more. No good. Near tears. Took some more. May have taken a bit more.
Finally my face went numb. I slept.

I awoke to my body betraying me. Stomach pain, bathroom. Five hours of that and I slept some more. Much later I awoke feeling better. My face is still numb. But my stomach no longer hurts. I have some tea. I think. I Google. Crap.

Phase 2 of Acetaminophen poisoning. Phase 3... oh dear. Time to take a little trip to the ER.

Fun with needles and lots of blood work. Not long after that there is a shot of morphine and a quick talk about liver levels being very very bad.

That's the last I remember for about a week. There are quick flashes of pictures with no sound. If I'm making any sense it's only from my years of training from alcohol. I'm working on auto-pilot.

I start to awake in a new hospital. A hospital with very nice, friendly and insanely good looking people.

Welcome to Rochester's Strong Memorial Hospital.

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