Friday, April 18, 2008

Part Four: Getting By With A Little Help From Friends

This is a quick Thank You post for everyone who was there for me.

First of course a huge thank you to the Staff at Strong Memorial Hospital. Dr. K, Dr. O, Dr. H (Loved the line about the landscape of SUVs. Great stuff.) Dr. T, who looks like a young Peter Tork, my favorite Monkee and I'm sorry to say will always be in my mind Dr. My Favorite Monkee. Kirs and Shirl for the fun talks, Shae for being a ball of energy and for making my hair look presentable, DaRo for not snapping my clavicle and for not letting me me bleed to death, to all the nurses and Dr.s that answered all questions no matter how silly with compassion and kindness and who worked so hard and managed to pull me away from the light.

Thank you to Shirley and Judy for your prayers, Trish and Perry who gave mom a ride home. Dale and Gary who gave mom and myself a ride home. Mike and Rebecca for all their wonderful help. Tonya and Jessica for being there and letting everyone know what was happening, big hugs! Thank you to Mark, Carmen, Tina, Billy, everyone at Uncs and Jay's that wished me their best. See you all in a few weeks. Have the coffee ready :)

Thank you Gary for keeping everything going at home. A huge and you are wonderful to Mom for being with me the whole time no matter how uncomfortable it got. I love you all!

Thank you to everyone who I may have forgotten to mention, you are all incredible!

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