Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Survey to Fill in Time

Not a heck of alot going on at the moment. Doctor's tomorrow, grrr. But here's a survey.

Twenty - one questions you never see on a survey…

1. If you discovered you were too drunk to drive home after a party, who is the first person you would call to come get you? Who is the last person you would call?

Well... since I don't drive, I'll go with a cab :) I wouldn't call J because she would probably be at work.

2. You invite your three closest friends to an expensive restaurant to have a nice dinner and drinks. As you go to pay the bill, you discover you have left all your cash and credit cards at home. Who do you ask to help?

Not that I would ever forget to bring money, but I would ask J first.

3. You are granted the ability to trade places with anyone you choose for the next twenty-four hours…who would you pick?

I honestly can't think of any shoes I'd want to be in for twenty four hours. Besides with my luck I'd switch just before they had a root canal or are getting hit by a car.

4. Are you a collector? Is there any one item that would complete (or be the highlight of) your collection?

I don't really collect anything. I am acquiring Joss Whedon DVDs. Shows, not movies. Once I get Angel, I'll be done (till there's more:) ) The Slayer Collection is my Happy at the moment :)

5. Would you rather drink Coca-cola out of a Waterford goblet or Dom Perignon Champagne out of a paper cup?

Dom. Definitely Dom.

6. What is your idea of a perfect breakfast? Would you be the one cooking or being served?

I'm not a breakfast person. But toast with bacon and some scrambled eggs is tasty now and then. (Sorry Veggie Folks.) I do all the cooking, so being served would be sweet.

7. If you were eligible to win an award, which award would mean the most for you to receive?

A Pulitzer would be nice. Just to say it :)

8. You are no longer able to live in the United States. If you are welcome to live anywhere else in the world for the rest of your life, where would you go?

Ireland, Italy, France, Canada as a last resort.

9. There is a huge party thrown in your honor. Everyone you have ever known will be there. Who are you most anxious to see? Who do you dread seeing? Are there any two people in your life that should never, ever meet?

That would be a odd group! I'd be happy to see everyone! I'd only dread my ex. Not that I can think of.

10. You are driving alone on a deserted road at night in the pouring rain. You spot two people by the side of the road attempting to hitch a ride. One is an unattractive, elderly person who looks like they would be a safe choice, one is the most gorgeous person you have ever seen in your life, but has an air of danger about them. Who do you choose to pick up?

I'd pick them both up. It's raining!

11. If your life story would be produced on Broadway, what type of play would it be? What would be its title?

An upbeat musical farce called Get My Barrel, I'm Going To The Falls. :)

12. What is your favorite food? If by giving that food up, in all its forms, you would be able to eat and drink unlimited quantities of everything else without ever endangering your health or gaining weight, would you do it?


13. Would you rather read the book or see the movie?

Book 99% of the time.

14. What would you rather be for that special someone…water for their desert or icing on their cake?


15. What is the most unusual place you have ever "made whoopee"?

Wouldn't you like to know! lol!!!

16. Is there anyone in your life that you wish you would have met ten years before you did?

M and R, that would've been cool.

17. You have submitted all of your life experience, education, and employment history to a prestigious university. They are conferring upon you a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's, and a Doctorate. What subject(s) would they be in?

A Bachelor's Degree in Photography, A Master's in Literature, A Doctorate in Pop Culture Studies.

18. Whose mother would you congratulate? Whose mother would you bitch-slap?

My mom. She had to put up with a lot, deal with a lot and she's still great. Slap Britney Spears mom.

19. If you had to take this survey for someone else, whose survey would you attempt? If you had to trust your answers to one other person, and their answers would be published as part of the definitive guide to YOU…who would you ask to complete this survey for you?

Maybe J. Or To. Same answer for the second part :)

20. Who do you relate to more…the fallen hero or the redeemed bad guy?

Never been a hero, been a bad guy. Hopefully still redeeming.

21. And finally, angels arrive at your death bed and inform you that you may take one thing "with you"…what would you pick?

My hard drive :) It has all my pictures and slide-shows on it :)

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