Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And Finally...

And finally the holidays have settled down into normal life once again. I have to admit, as many do, I believe, that though everything went well, I'm glad it's over. There was lots of time with T and everyone at Uncs, loads of family fun, and lots of New Year cheer with D and M.

Santa G, Santa Mom, and Santa J, were especially good to me this year. And I was and still am a very happy camper. Santa G gave me The Slayer Collection. The entire Buffy the Vampire series. 40 disc's! :) Santa J was kind enough to bestow the Collectors Edition of Serenity on me. It was a very jolly Joss Wheden Christmas :) Santa Mom gave me Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy, so I will have something to read, hopefully time will allow very soon.
I have been trying to get these for a while, but something always came up that was more important.

Christmas dinner was quite nice. Mom, G and I went to my cousins and we spent a fun evening with them. We also were able to see the new baby for the first time! Adorable doesn't come close! Beyond cute!

After that was a week of relaxing until the New Year. The New Year's Eve plans didn't quite work out as intended, but became different plans. It looked as if I was going to be in for the night, but at the last minute something pulled through. I arrived at Uncs at 4 minutes to midnight! Just by the seat of pants! Whew!
Met up with D and M. They had a nice size group with them, M's nieces, J and M, and the other girl (who I am so sorry I can't remember her name)! She was very sweet though and put up with a bit from us.

So here we are. The decorations will be coming down in the next day or two. Then it's just waiting until spring arrives. It can't happen fast enough!

Here are a couple of pictures:

See! He is beyond cute!

M and D :) New Year's Eve.

M gets silly after a couple ;)
As does T2 :)

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