Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mistakes Are Sometimes Made

So. Well. Yeah. Hello, crow dinner. I think I have ketchup here somewhere...

About a week ago I made a terrible mistake. I reposted a meme on FB. The one with Trump not saluting the flag. Yeah. After being slammed, I've been going through debates and other videos, because I'm certain I saw it, on TV, where he took forever getting around to lifting that tiny hand of his to his nonexistent heart. I distinctly remember talking to mom and yelling at the TV. Alas, I'm up to debate 7 and nothing yet. Unfortunately, I do have a life, of sorts, and have much I need to do. Things not involving rewatching Trump lie to my face.

It is a two-part meme, and I just reacted without fully checking it out. (The first part is totally true, by the way. The second part, not so much.)   :(   Sorry.

Here's the meme:

Here's the true part. In video:

And here's a somber, professional, respectful salute to our flag:

I apologize for my meme mistake. I do not apologize for implying/stating outright he is a disrespectful person. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017


After the past week, I've made my thoughts clear on Twitter. But, just on the off chance, you missed them, here they are. If you think I'm too harsh or judgemental, well too bad. Don't come back. Unfollow me on FB and Twitter. I'm not here to please people. I want there to be no doubt where I stand and that racism, bigotry, and violence has no space in my heart.

1. The Robert E Lee statue is going to be taken down because Charlottesville voted to take it down. The city said the statue, raised not to honor the general specifically, but as a reminder to African Americans of their place was no longer a representation of the city's values and place in this country.
This does not change or erase history. The majority of the people in the USA have come to understand that these statues are of traitors. That these generals do not represent us as a country. They never had. Quite the opposite. If you don't know the difference between a patriot and a traitor, shame on you.
Their history is still known and able to be read about. Removing statues won't take that away.

2. If you argue for them and you're from the North, WTF people! Really!

3. Donald J. Trump supports domestic terror and hate groups. He has White Nationalists beside him in the white house. His name is on the lips of every Neo-Nazi. David Duke, the leader of the KKK, thanked him for his help and support. They 'heil' his name. His name follows the swastikas in the vandalized Jewish cemeteries. His outrage sounds and feels forced and untrue. As Trump will tell you, all day long, he beat 17 others. So if you voted for him you support his ideas. 17 others had the same policies. Taxes, jobs, healthcare. They had plans to get them done. There were better men. You chose the lying, sexual predator, racist, violent, ignorant, elitist. You voted for this man, not the policies. So do not try to tell me otherwise.

4. I will not feel bad for Nazis or White Supremacists. Fuck you. And fuck you if you do. If you try to "but the left..." me, fuck you. No. Nazis. They get nothing. White Supremacists get nothing. If you support or try to justify them to me, you get nothing but a big fuck you. I will not sit and try to make you understand why hate, bigotry, and violence is wrong. If you don't know or get it, go to church. I'm not going to have a screaming match with you. Just fuck yourself.

5. If you have confederate flags on your clothes, house, car/truck, go ahead. You are free to do so. I will be assuming things about you though. That you are or support white supremacist and/or racist. I will think you are a supporter of traitors and that you don't stand for the same values as the rest of America. Yes, assuming. To bad. It'll be up to you to prove to me otherwise. I am not about giving you the benefit of a doubt. Even if you are a "fine person."

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trump vs Russia

A short story to break down this Russia issue. The scenario may seem silly. People will say it's not the same. It is. Just on a larger scale. But yes, it is the same.

The Players

The USA - You.  And you are hot. Everyone wants to be or be with you. 

Trump -  Your boo. Your BAE. Your one and only. You love and would die for him. 

Russia - His skanky, hoe, lowlife, crazy, criminal ex-girlfriend. 

Manafort, Stone, Page, Fylnn, Tillerson, Russell - Her friends and family. 

Ivanka, Kushner, Bannon, Conway, Spicer, Sessions, ect. - His friends and family.

The Free Press - Your friends and family.  

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tour de Fish 2017 Fin

Yep. We are at weeks 5 and 6. Aren't you sick of fish yet? Yes. Yes I am. For these two weeks we;re joined by mom's writing class friend Carol. (Mine too :)  Onward.

Week 5 took us to the old favorite at The Como. My usual Lemon Pepper was simply yummy. A little bit of that silver skin that I don't care for, but not much. Fries were fine. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Day for the Irish and a Tour de Fish

St. Patrick's Day folks! A day we wait for so we can enjoy a Reuben of love.

Oh Gadawskis. Usually, so awesome. The reubs were okay. A bit thin with a little gristly though. And the dressing was on the side? Weird.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tour de Fish 2017

Spring is almost here. 6 days away as a matter of fact. 6. Hard to believe after today. Here, I'll show you. This is a branch that fell a few days ago during a high wind storm.  See how big it is!

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