Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flower Follwup

Score one for memory. I took a couple pics of the flowers we bought :)

Petunias, Impatiens and Collis :)

We also attended the Jabbapalooza 5 this past weekend. Only a few pics but they sum up the night :)

Vodka and tea.  Lots. :)

Our wonderful bartender. he worked two days straight with no sleep. By all rights he should have been dead by this point in the night. He kept going though :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hello Summer, I Mean Spring

Summer? Not yet, but it feels like Summer already. We hit a 90 degree day in May. Mostly 80s the last week. It's a wonderful and bittersweet time. I love the warm weather, the flowers, leaves popping on the trees,sitting outside on the porch. But the pollen this time of year is brutal and always triggers a sinus infection. Every Spring and Fall. This year I won't be letting it get in the way of fun though. I have plans!

Plans I say!

Thursday Mom and I will be starting The Tour de Fun this week! One day each week before Labor Day we'll do something just for fun. 13 weeks of a fun day. I'm certain food will be involved :)

I'm also working on the front porch.

As you can see, it needs work. The teal had to go. And the peeling battleship grey is over. I'm thinking of a darker pewter grey.

Here we have white railings now :) I think a darker grey will really make the white look super nice :))

We bought flowers too, but I forgot to get a picture.  ( I'll try to remember to snap one tomorrow for you :)

And I'll leave today with a picture of the roses  the neighbors gave us. They're from their own rose bush :) And they are much redder than this picture shows :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poetry Month

Yes. I know. It's a super long post today. But it's the end of April and I wanted to make sure to have a Poetry Month post for you all. There was also a poetry reading at the library :) Go mom!

One of the ladies who read, read an Eugene Fields poem,The Duel, reminded me of our favorite poem by him. And I also included a super short from Dorothy Parker :) At the very end there is a group video for your entertainment :))

The Rock-a-By Lady
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

The Rock-a-By Lady from Hushaby street
       Comes stealing; comes creeping;
The poppies they hang from her head to her feet,
And each hath a dream that is tiny and fleet---
She bringeth her poppies to you, my sweet,
       When she findeth you sleeping!

There is one little dream of a beautiful drum---
       "Rub-a-dub!" it goeth;
There is one little dream of a big sugar-plum,
And lo! thick and fast the other dreams come
Of popguns that bang, and tin tops that hum,
       And a trumpet that bloweth!

And dollies peep out of those wee little dreams
       With laughter and singing;
And boats go a-floating on silvery streams,
And the stars peek-a-boo with their own misty gleams,
And up, up, and up, where the Mother Moon beams,
       The fairies go winging!

Would you dream all these dreams that are tiny and fleet?
       They 'll come to you sleeping;
So shut the two eyes that are weary, my sweet,
For the Rock-a-By Lady from Hushaby street,
With poppies that hang from her head to her feet,
       Comes stealing; comes creeping.

A Very Short Song
  by Dorothy Parker

Once, when I was young and true,
Someone left me sad-
Broke my brittle heart in two;
And that is very bad.

Love is for unlucky folk,
Love is but a curse.
Once there was a heart I broke;
And that, I think, is worse.


Mom reading about memories. Of which I'm 97 percent sure includes me :)

Backdrop:) Looking sweet :)

Mary, who reminded me that Eugene Fields is awesome:)

Jenny wondering What's Under the Kilts :)

Carole reads about writing a poem :)

John  reads and entertains during the break :)

So many wonderful writes and readers on Wednesday night. I was so proud of mom and everyone :)


Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Quick Catch Up On Things

Well. The Year of Get My Shit Together seems to have taken an ugly turn. Infection, hospitals, cleaning. Blahhh.

Really, this has been a long year already. Three weeks in the hospital with the catheter infected. A new one put in, in the back, and that had to be replaced twice a week after I was home. Then there was Mr. G's b-day. Lots of cleaning and getting things together. It was a good time. Just lots of work. And I am tuckered.
And there is still lots of Spring cleaning to get done. I have hopes of it being all done by June 1. I may be a touch insane.

Because of all the craziness, I didn't think it would be a great idea to do the A-Z this year. Not that I was doing well with it any other year.
I am reading several. So I rock in that way.

I also started the flash fiction prompt site. I don't write every week, and no one seems to care for it, but it's there for anyone who needs a little inspiration :)

It's at Snap Stories.

I also think it's time for Sue to enter that damn house already. ( It creeps me out to write that one. Must get back.) i will be moving a few things around. The Friday flash is no more, so I'll move it over to the Writings section. Perhaps I can find a little motivation over there :)

I think that will do for now. Just wanted to touch base on things.